Who we are?

EKO Volfartice, a.s. operates from 2007, a modern solid waste dumps Volfartice. The landfill is designed to store waste "Other wastes" and far be stored in the dump mixed waste, to a lesser extent, mixed containers, demolition and inert waste. The main goal of our company's ecological approach to waste disposal and the clients and their surroundings to allow to participate in this objective. The evidence is, inter alia, that the site of our company not only expunge traces of mining - mining, but also as a modern waste disposal systems fulfill all the criteria of environmental protection.

How to get to the landfill?

The road between Nový Oldřichov and Volfartice is closed for truck traffic, so you will need to use newly built concrete road which branches out from road III/2639 between Nový Oldřichov - Mistrovice and crossroad of communications II/263 and III/2639 in the Kerhatice area.